How Personal Trainers Helped Women Create Their “Village”

Swiss Life Global Solutions (Swiss Life Network) is now offering businesses across the world and their employees access to pregnancy wellness platform, Biamother. Swiss Life Network believes this additional service will support women in the workplace who are looking for more choice and freedom in managing their wellbeing both at and outside of work.

Created by Salus Optima, Biamother is accessed through an easy to use smartphone app, which helps pregnant and postnatal women make positive choices about their health. It provides advice from maternal health experts on holistic wellbeing, including recipes, safe workouts, relaxation techniques and helpful articles. In a world where women are often inundated by pregnancy information, much of which is contradictory, Biamother acts as a trusted source of advice that is tailored to the user’s own needs and goals.

Businesses partnered with Swiss Life Network can now take a more active role in supporting women among their workforce through this significant stage in life. Many businesses already offer benefits such as paid leave for new mothers, and Biamother will help them go one step further with access to expert wellbeing advice.

Swiss Life Network believes the most effective employee benefits for engaging and motivating staff are the ones that give employees choice over their future goals and wellbeing. Biamother does exactly that, by giving women in the workplace the freedom and support needed to manage their own health with confidence, during and after pregnancy.

Danira Menai, Head of Strategic Partnerships explains: “Biamother is a great addition to our wellbeing offering. Pregnancy is an exciting time, yet we know that for many women it can also feel daunting with many unknowns. Being able to take away some of the worry could be a major step forward for businesses looking to give women in their team a more positive experience of this key stage in life. We hope to see lots of our clients take the opportunity to give women more confidence during and after pregnancy.”

Rodrigo Jesus, CEO of Salus Optima, comments: “We are thrilled to be working with Swiss Life Global Solutions and its network and are very excited to begin this partnership by offering their members access to Biamother, our health platform for pregnant and postnatal women. It is more important than ever that companies and society support women in the workplace. Our novel approach, using both human performance and data, provides a truly relevant and personalised experience enabling and empowering women to improve health and wellbeing. We are looking forward to building upon our partnership with Swiss Life Network and developing more solutions together that deliver personalised human performance for healthier life, work and play.”

Biamother is one of many wellbeing solutions offered by Swiss Life Network. Businesses can also choose from financial planning, stress management and career goal support tools to create benefits packages that are aligned to their values. By combining Biamother with other wellbeing services, businesses will meet the needs of more individuals, increasing their appeal to a wider talent pool, especially women.

Swiss Life Network believes the most successful businesses will be the ones that give employees the confidence to make decisions about their wellbeing and future, keeping them engaged and motivated in their careers.

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