About us

Empowering individuals with greater
understanding and control over their
own health and wellbeing.

Salus optima aims is to democratise human performance science and methodologies to the masses to help people achieve their health and wellness goals.

In 2017 McLaren and Salus Optima forged a strategic partnership that would leverage one anothers capabilities with a focus on data analytics, modelling, human performance and software to underpin our products.

We are a B2B software and data company. Our product is a software & data stack that enables us to rapidly develop bespoke digital solutions for partners specific needs in consumer health and wellness. This could complement an existing product of our partners, leverage an off the shelf product we have created or create a new product to address a gap in the market for our partners.

These digital products are deployed via mobile phone and wearable applications and offer the consumer personalised (goals orientated)), dynamic (changing based on data) and contextually relevant (engaging) recommendations to address lifestyle goals.

The markets we develop and deploy products in to include insurance, personalised nutrition and consumer health.

Interested in working together?

Quickly build and deploy digital products for your business’ health and wellness needs, helping you to attract, retain and engage more customers and clients.