Democratising Human Performance

We build highly engaging digital products that deliver competitive advantage for our partners in consumer health and wellness markets

A Versatile Technology Ecosystem

Our cloud platform is an enabler to develop highly engaging digital products that provides a 360 degree view insight of the issues and challenges consumers face in addressing their health and wellbeing goals

Utilising a modular approach means businesses can choose the elements which are most relevant for them - creating bespoke solutions to meet their unique needs.
All of our products and recommendations are rooted in evidence-based science and paired with leading behaviour change techniques to bring a compelling solution which adds real value.
We use a mix of digital and real coaching that provides an extra layer of support, motivation and empowerment to drive consumer engagement, satisfaction and loyalty.

being deployed across...

Personalised nutrition
Increasing Sales and profitability through engaging digital companions.
Corporate wellbeing
Increasing productivity by empowering your workforce with greater control over their health and wellbeing.
Consumer health
Layering digital with physical to give greater interaction with your consumers - bringing together a previously fragmented journey.

Some of our prominent partners

'The health and well-being of our team is always a priority but now more than ever, it is incredibly important that we continue to assist in this area through innovative and personalised technology. We look forward to working with Salus Optima to develop this unique and exciting collaboration with the team at the heart.’
Mark Waller
Managing Director of Sales and Marketing - McLaren Racing
Swiss Life
‘Being able to take away some of the worry could be a major step forward for businesses looking to give women in their team a more positive experience... we hope to see lots of our clients take the opportunity to give women more confidence...’
Danira Menai
Head of Strategic Partnerships – Swiss Life

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