See how you can work with Salus Optima's platform to enhance the experience for your customers, consumers and employees.

How we work with businesses

Our validated approach offers businesses an
unrivalled speed to market.

Understanding your needs and the challenges of your user base - consumers, customers or employees, to inform product design and roadmap
Designing a product which is truly For You - including all content, programmes and goals, as well as a compelling user experience.
Our ecosystem approach means we can integrate seamlessly – allowing partners to rapidly build and deploy solutions in market.
Combining best-in-class science with behaviour change to promote positive outcomes and engagement when your product hits the market.

Ecosystem in details

A modular approach to product development; partners
can choose the most appropriate elements to deliver
against their needs

Consumer Application
A compelling, engaging and easy to access user experience on mobile or wearable, delivering meaningful recommendations through your, or an existing Salus Optima, brand and tone of voice.
Wellbeing Coach Portal
Our holistic coaching service gives the user the ability to communicate directly with the expert teams that generate the content, guidance and programmes within the product to create an all encompassing coaching experience.
Content Management System
A central repository for all content and guidance - allowing us to quickly ingest partner content and knowhow alongside our own, embedding it into engaging programmes. This centralised approach allows content to be localise, deployed and scaled to meet business needs.
System Dashboard & Analytics
Providing visibility of exactly how the product is performing in market, aligned to what is most important for you. Built to represent and track success, it gives insights into your audience to advise product, marketing and R&D strategies.
Data Warehouse
The platform is data, device and content agnostic, allowing flexibility in the types of data which can be collected, ingested, digested and turned into powerful insights which are fed back into the user programmes.

Interested in working together?

Quickly build and deploy digital products for your business’ health and wellness needs, helping you to attract, retain and engage more customers and clients.