The Future of Helping New and Expectant Mothers Stay Healthy

Having worked through the past year or more and reflected on how the pandemic affected us as individuals, the fitness industry, our businesses and our clients, it’s time to start looking forward and prepare for life and work in a post-lockdown world.

It’s been a strange situation; the use of technology and working from home policies have been catapulted beyond anything we could ever have expected. Once the reality of the situation became apparent, and the dust began to settle, work actually increased as a Personal Trainer. Everyone including mums and expectant mums, realised the magnitude of that work/life balance they’ve always coveted. With less spending on travel, eating out or gym memberships, some money could be spent on 1:1 support and forms of digital support, like Biamother.

Change has really now become a constant. It’s made Personal Trainers more agile – where can you train clients? Is it possible to have a hybrid model of online and in-person? Is it in fact better to build your own business rather than working from a gym? And it’s made clients more open–minded. They’re more likely to consider working directly with trainers, potentially ditching a gym membership and using their own indoor or outdoor space for exercise.

Although using one space (home) for everything may have lost its appeal over time, once routines are created again outside of the home, being able to work out at home will offer more flexibility for busy mothers.

As trainers, and clients, we will need to find our own personal balance. For women who are more confident, online training and follow–along workouts are great. For first time mothers though, they may still want that 1:1 contact, so doing in-person sessions may still work for your business depending on your ideal client.

How we communicate with each other has changed too and will most likely continue to evolve. I guess we took for granted that in-person contact with others, so when it became impossible, we opened up other channels of communication.

Apps such as WhatsApp already had a place in our communication, but voice notes and video calls have become more valuable. Hearing someone’s voice, or seeing their face is a good second best, allowing us to hear intonation and see facial expressions to build deeper relationships. Had you actually ever heard of Zoom before March 2020?

Learning to communicate in new ways brings its own challenges. Ensuring you can see your clients well and giving clear instructions that are easily understood becoming even more vital. So, this could be justification again for that hybrid in-person/online business especially for mums newer to exercise, navigating changes in their bodies.

And learning more about running a business, is what will set you apart as a Personal Trainer. From finding the best software to manage your bookings, or ways to program sessions for your clients.

That’s where Biamother and their partners at Premier Global NASM play a pivotal role, allowing you to offer a more holistic, or well-rounded experience. As well as offering a way to communicate with your clients directly, you can also use Biamother to recommend recipes, meditations or specific home workouts created by Experts.

It also allows you as a Personal Trainer to begin to scale your business, which inevitably will mean you’re able to take on more clients yet still offer a quality service.p And for Mothers, they feel part of a community again. They have someone to ask questions which need professional advice which supports them through their pregnancy and beyond.

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