How Personal Trainers Helped Women Create Their “Village”

Personalised health and human performance solutions company, Salus Optima, has announced a new partnership with Premier Global NASM, the UK’s leading educator of health and fitness professionals, to help new and expectant mothers achieve their personal health and wellness goals.

By the end of this year, Salus Optima will use their parenting platform, Biamother, to provide its wealth of expert-led, personalised guidance and real-time, data-driven insights, direct to Premier Global NASM personal trainers, enabling them to utilise the platform and help their clients fully prepare and recover from childbirth. Accessed via an easy to use smartphone app, Biamother provides holistic support for new and expectant mothers, based around key pillars of health and wellbeing: fitness, nutrition, mindfulness, and personalised coaching.

The offering will provide unlimited access to evidence-based expert knowledge on pregnancy and motherhood, helping newly qualified and experienced Premier Global NASM personal trainers (PTs) to attract new and retain existing clients as they navigate this incredible stage of life. These health and wellness recommendations, specifically tailored to each mother’s needs, evolve as she progresses through her journey.

Biamother enables Premier Global NASM personal trainers to enhance their clients’ overall experience whilst keeping them engaged and on track between their in-person sessions, by providing access to a wide range of pre and postnatal workouts on the app alongside guidance on nutrition and mindset. This is supplemented by a breadth of pregnancy and postnatal content from Biamother’s expert team, tailored to the interest and needs of the Premier Global NASM clients, to help them achieve their goals.

Through the in-app coaching service, Premier Global NASM personal trainers can follow their client’s progress and communicate with them between face-to-face sessions, thus enhancing the caring, hands-on support offered by a fitness trainer.

Director of Health and Human Performance at Salus Optima, Kris Shuttleworth, said “We’re delighted to be working with Premier Global NASM, the leading educator within the fitness industry. It is an exciting step forward for us and an important element in our mission to democratise best knowledge in health and wellness to all. We look forward to strengthening our partnership and supporting their PTs with Biamother, our truly holistic approach to digital coaching.

Dan Rees, Managing Director at Premier Global NASM, adds: “Biamother will provide our personal trainers with a welcome opportunity to offer an elevated level of support to new and expectant mums. We already offer a six-week, self-paced, prenatal and postnatal education programme for personal trainers, so this new partnership will strengthen our provision in this area.

When personal trainers qualify with us, we encourage them to maintain a connection. This way we are able to continue to support their onward education and development journey. As part of this ongoing support, graduates also gain access to complementary products and services provided by our carefully selected portfolio of partners. The Biamother App will be a very welcome addition to this service.”

The Biamother app will be available free of charge to all Premier Global NASM graduates and offered at a discounted rate to their clients.

**Available on iOS and Android. For more information, visit**

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